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Hi everyone, the above two clips were extracted from a BBC programme. As there was no script provided, I'd like to seek for your help. Please listen to the clips, help correct my script and fill in some blanks. Thank you very much!!!

Clip 1

Well, the problems with traffic happen to be one of the major problems that people in Dhaka facing every day. Right now, you can see a great number of cars are waiting hours after hours. So I think it’s a big issue these days. That’s why I chose this topic.

Okay, __ I’ve also seen _ Dhaka, my ___ certainly is a big issue. I’ve sat in many traffic jams already.


Well, if someone friendly is with me, then I try to have a friendly chat with him or her and try to spend a good time and not try to focus too much on the jam and how much time I’m losing.

Okay, so you try to distract yourself from the traffic jam by talking to friends. For me, actually, as I said I’ve been in a lot of traffic jams in Dhaka. But I actually like it because it’s such a… a new place to me and I’ve never been here before. I just sit here and look out the window and watch people going by. And I find it quite fascinating so actually at the moment, I quite like traffic jams. Well it’s nearly time for the end of today's programme, let’s see if you got the correct answer to the question at the beginning… which was which of these cities does not have a congestion charge? Singapore, Geneva or Stockholm? And I think your answer was Singapore and you were wrong. In fact, it was one of the first cities introduce a congestion charge. The correct answer is Geneva which doesn’t have a congestion charge.

Again, thank you very much for spending so much time helping me!
Clip 1- Okay, well from what I've seen of Dhaka in my two weeks here here, it certainly is a big problem.

Sorry, but the second clip will not play for me.
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