http://kiwi6.com/file/7dthowlln3 (bottom left-hand corner)

Oh, (1)that’s/it's a very tricky one. I won’t say broadcaster because I’m usually not very stressed. Teacher... I think can be extremely stressful because (2)you’ve/you got lots of people with you all the time who you’ve got to control. Pilot is probably quite scary because you also got (3)to/your ???... you are responsible for lives of lots of people but I’m going to go with teacher because I think (4)???... I think day to day it’s a very stressful job when you've got so much responsibility.

Please spend some time helping me. The former word, for example, "that's" in "that's/its", is the word provided by the script. The latter one is what I heard. Also, "???" means that I couldn't hear the words.

And I also want to ask if native speakers can really hear every single contracted form such as "'ve".

Thank you very much!!!
1. that's
2. you've
3. to, eh...
4. in a... (I think. What did the script say here?)

Contractions are tricky... I can hear every 've (at least, I haven't noticed not being able to hear them). It's usually the n't on don't and can't that are difficult for me to hear, depending on who is talking.
Thank you very much!!!

The script provided "I think..." only but I could hear there're a few words.