Does anybody understand what he says?

Female voice: Why it's so empty in here?
Male voice: ???


AnonymousFemale voice: Why How come it's so empty in here?
Male voice: ???
If they are standing in a messy looking empty room Less the mess might make sense, though it sounds a little like Less the miss as well. Maybe the room is empty except for the mess being made by, say, redecorating it. Incomprehensible without more context.

To me, it sounds like "less to miss," but I don't know what that would mean without context. Maybe if the guy doesn't have much stuff, there's "less to miss" when he goes away?
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I hear "Less to miss" too.
Yup. I cleaned the wax out. It's "Less to miss".

OK, thanks for your response.

Well,  a lady enters in an empty apartment with a guy. He lives there and he starts to repair her bike. Then, she look around and asks "How come it's so empty in here?". 

Later, she sees some pictures of him and talks about job, his life etc. 

If you still need more context please let me know.

Thanks again.
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