About this movie:

http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/chickenlittle /

why 'chicken little', not 'little chicken'?
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Dear Taka

Its just a web address. You can have anything in a web address. It is just a code for the internet browser to use to find the page you want on the world wide web (www). Web pages are stored in 'directories' and sub-directories, and sub-sub-directories etc. Each one is separated by a "/" (which we call a forward slash).
Therefore in the web address.... "http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/chickenlittle /",
the code /chickenlittle/ is the name of a sub-directory of the directory called /disneypictures/

I hope this helps you.

No, no, Mr. I'm interested in the title of the movie 'Chicken Little'.

I just gave you the URL for reference.
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Hi Taka,

"Chicken Little" is a movie name, and generally movie titles may not follow grammar rules.
it's a character's name.

i knew the story as 'chicken licken' when i was growing up. (swapping those words around would produce a quite different effect!) i can't remember having read it, it was past by word of mouth.

sam, looking forward to turkey lurkey
Thanks, Sam C. The Walt Disney movie 'Chicken Little' was produced in USA and released on November 4th,2005.
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Chicken Little = A chicken whose name is Little
Little Chicken or more accurately A little chicken = A chicken that is very small

Way before the movie was the Bulrovian fairy tale.

Oh, 'Little' is a name of the character. I didn't know that.

Thank you.
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