Tianjin is a big city of china, there are more than 7 million residents live in the city, most of them take bus for going to work everyday and for backing home. But it's likely to lost your stop on the bus in Tianjin, the driver sometimes will miss your stop. And if you ask drivers why, they will say that "you should book stop in advance". I think bus driver should stop at every bus station, no matter if there are persons awaitting. In Tianjin, before arriving a bus station, the driver usually shout out and ask if there are anyones will get off the bus. But it's not logical for new comers to Tianjin, sometimes can the new comer decide wether to get off only after they see the scene at the station, and when they realize they should get off, it's late already. What about the situation on the bus of USA? Can you tell me?

Thanks in advance.

or you can ask any questions about china and chinese, I will do my best to answer you.
In the UK the driverdeosn't stop unless someone requests it. There are special bells to ring. It can be hard if you don't know the area though. Most drivers are quite nice and if you jump up and ring the bell at the last minute or if you've just gone past, they will try to stop if they can.

If you are waiting at the bus stop and you need the bus to pick you up you have to hold your hand out.
UK drivers are so kind of doing like that, some bus drivers in Tianjin even not stop to pick you up after they don't see you at first and find you in the rearview mirror. Some incompetent drivers even change bus paths and take short cut once he ensure that there is no person get off at next station. It's unfair to the passengers awaitting at the next station. It's hard for them to believe the bus they are waitting for is passing them in other way!! What a problem exists in our bus system now, I hope there are no longer such absurd things happen on us. The government should do something now.
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bus in russia stops in all busstop , even if nobody wanted go in or out . But widespread in moskow minibus stopped only bu request .and all minibus have poster - "Ask for stop louder - driver is deaf"Emotion: smile
In Finland everything is pretty similar to what Nona said about the UK. A commuter bus never stops unless someone requests that. There are numerous buttons for passengers, some of them low enough for little children and people in wheel chairs, and when you press one of them the driver gets a signal and stops. The bus drivers never pass a bus stop without picking up anybody who wants to get on.

Inter-city coaches do stop at all towns and cities even if no one requests it. There are so-called coach stations, which resemble railway stations to some extent, and just as trains always call at certain stations, the coaches always do.
Cheers, CB