In china, for example, in the city of Tianjin, we take subway a lot for work or shopping. There are usually big and clean space in the subway station, you can buy tickets through XXX(I mean a kind of machine, which can sell tickets instead of booking clerks, I don't know how to say the word) or clerks easily. On the screen of XXX, you will select your target and the amount of the tickets, then the machine will works out how much you should pay for that, then you need to feed money through a narrow mouth beside the screen and wait for the tickets and redundant money. After your paying enough money, they will give you a little nummular plastic card. You can put the cards on the scanning area of entryways, and keep the cards with you until you get target station and feed the cards into a small mouth of the exit. Of course, you can use a special card, which you get from appointed offices of subway system. There are two kinds of cards, one is called Citycard, you can not only use the cards in subway, but also you can use it on bus or taxi. The other is called Metrocard, it will be used only in subway. These cards are as the same size as your credit cards, and you will keep them all time during your stay in subway(just put them in scanning area is OK), need not feed them into any mouths. The price of tickets in china is about 0.33yuan(7yuan=1dollar)/per station(more than 1 kilometer). How was the subway in USA? Can you tell me?

by the way, can you tell me how to spell the word--XXX. Thank you in advance.
In Moscow the subway (we call it metro) is really great. The trains usually go every 1.5 - 5 minutes (depends on the time of the day and the line) The stations are like works of art (especially the old ones)
Though there are a lot of people (especially in the rush hours) The fare is 17 roubles (about 70 cents) a trip regardless of the distance you  just place a card on the terminal and may travel as much as you want without going out. (If you buy a card for 5, 10, 20, 60 trips  - tha fare is even less).
Dear Dew,
I think it must be very cool to take a walk in Moscow subway stations, I can imagine the beautiful murals on the walls around me, people can enjoy themselves in the warm air of art when they are busy with going to offices. It's really different culture from china. Beijing's subway was built long time ago, but there are few stuff about art. The rushing crew is only thing which will impressed you deeply. I hope chinese government can do something on adding artistic stuff into mass transport system, we not only need a clean station to welcome the olympic games, but also a comfortable and cheerful one.

I dreamed to travel to Moscow, and have a personal look at the great ‘red square'.
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In London Iwe have the world's oldest system (first train in 1860s), and it is called the Underground (nicknamed 'the tube).

It is a mixture of very old tunnels and stations (that can be quite small and creepy) and very new tunnels and stations that are more spacious and very modern. It is common to have tile murals, paintings, and information on the walls of the stations about the local area. They also hold art exhibitions and installations at some stations. Some stations have little shopping areas too and there is often a kiosk on the actual platform where you can buy a drink or snack. We have 12 different lines that all interconnect so it is very easy to get around the city. The deepest part is just over 200ft below street level and of course there are lines that go underneath the Thames river. It gets very hot in summer and we are warned to carry water with us (the ventilation on most lines is just to open the train windows!) and it gets very crowded at peak times. Visitors seem to find the 'Mind the Gap' announcements and signs (warning to be careful getting on and off the trains) funny.
oliver815I dreamed to travel to Moscow, and have a personal look at the great ‘red square'.
I hope your wish will come true!
Wow, so long history does the London tube has! Among various kinds of mass transports, I like subway most. The high efficiency of transport save us lots of time, and you will accuratelly estimate the time such as when the train arrive and when you will get your destination. There are also some little shops and kiosks on the platform of subway in other cities, but no in Tianjin, because Tianjin's government has not yet agree on introducing commercial business to bran-new subway. I was surprised when I knew that you can open the windows of trains in London tube, you know the windows in chinese subway are usually been obturated for safety.
For sometime I was confused about part of the subway in Tianjin built over ground, you will see sunlight merely after several minutes of darkness, and it returns into darkness few minutes later soon. For the shallow basic of the new subway, the railway must avoid all base of big buildings, thus, sometimes, it runs over the surface of earth. There is only one line working now in Tianjin, I think we can get around the city easily after the other 9 lines put to use.
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Dew 2007The fare is 17 roubles (about 70 cents) a trip regardless of the distance

That is quite a lot for many people. In 2005 the average monthly pension was €67 in Russia.
When I lived in Rome I used to take the subway to reach my work place, and I really hated it because It was small, dirty and overloaded of people
Once it happened that I was hardly able to get off the train because the crowd of people who was getting on pushed me back ... that was terrible Emotion: crying
Thank God I don't live in Rome anymore, taking the subway every day would have killed me!