It´s my first time using this....
and I would like to know
what´s the diference between little and small ??
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Hello again,

Concerning 'small' and 'little', as I recently learned, it seems that 'little' specially looks odd when used in predicative function, in comparative form: 'This house is more little than mine'. Cheers
Hi, X. - I'm glad you're back. I would agree that "this house is more little than mine" sounds awkward.
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This discussion reminds me of this line:

though she be but little, she is fierce
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little - usually means amount...

samll--usually means size

i think ^ ^
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This discussion seems to have resurfaced, but I didn't see it the first time around. To give at least one more ENL opinion, I do not sense any prescription at all from using little as a central adjective, just as I do small. All of these seem natural to me.

He had a small house/dog/mind.
He had a little house/dog/mind.
His house/dog/mind is little.
His house/dog/mind is small.
His house/dog/mind/ is smaller/littler than mine.

Swan (Practical English Usage) has this interesting note:

"In BrE, little is unusual in predicative position, and comparative and superlative forms are not normally used. In AmE, predicative use is normal, and comparative and superlative forms are more common."

He also suggests that little has a more emotional tint than does small. I am not so sure about that; personally, I would consider them virtually interchangeable (based on individual habit of speech), except for highly collocated uses ('a bear of little brain', 'small wonder', etc.)
Thanks, Mr. M. I appreciate your contribution. Emotion: smile
i dont know i am serching for the same.sorry Emotion: smile.
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khoffI'd love to hear from other native speakers who are not linguists or grammarians - does "the house is little" sound wrong to you???
I'm a native speaker and definitely not a grammarian. "the house is little" sounds slightly off to me, but I wouldn't say it sounds wrong.
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