Good evening. I would like to ask if there is a significant difference between the correct usage of Little and Small? Thank you very much.
Hi daddyjohn. Welcome to the forum.

The answer to this is tricky. While they do have much the same meaning they tend to be used in different contexts. One will collocate better than the othe in some situations, although sometimes it won't make any difference.

There isn't a rule about this, unfortunately, so it's a case of just learning which one would be most appropriate.

I think one fairly safe 'rule' to give you is that little does only apply to genuinely little things, whereas small can be used when the smallness is just comparative. I might talk of a small elephant, meaning small compared to other elephants, but of course it's still elephant sized! I don't think I would describe any elephant as little.
Again, many, many thanks for your assistance.God bless