It is believed that serious social and practical problems can be caused when we are staying in a country where foreign language is prevalent. In my opinion, speaking a non-native language result in disparity with the regional peple while communicating and socializing with them. Although, it can also provide us with an opportunity to learn a new language and familiarize ourselves with it.

One evident benifit of speaking language apart from our mother tongue provide us with an opportunity to learn a new language and excel it. Moreover, having knowledge of a non-native language can help boost our job application and provides us with more career related opportunities. To illustrate, people staying in Quebec, where french is widely spoken will start learning this language because of which they will have a chance to apply for companies accepting only french speaking applicants.

On the other hand, getting familiar with a new language is not an easy task. Initially, when people start their journey in a new country they have to face a huge communication gap. For instance, when people landed there, they have to face a lot challenges with directions and what route they can take to reach their destination but when they ask any local citizen for help they were unable to understand them and felt helpless. Also, these people are always considered outsiders as a result of which they are not able to socialize with others and have to live an awkward life there.

To conclude, language is a great barrier that needs to be overcome to create a good relationship with people living in foreign countries. While living in a country where a less known language is spoken, can provide you with an opportunity to learn that language but initially creates a communication gap that requires a lot efforts to fill this gap. Moreover, not being comfortable with other people's language can make them consider you as an outsider because of which a sense of oneness can never be achieved.

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