Some people said that living in dormitory makes stuying difficult because of late night hours, more temptations to cut class, and more distractions from studying. In contrast, others said that it helps u studying more better. What is your opion?
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Corrections first:
Some people [said-use the present tense "say."] that living in dormitory makes stu[d]ying difficult because of late night hours, more temptations to cut class, and more distractions [from studying-leave these words out]. In contrast, others [said-use the present tense "say."] that it helps [u-Never use "u" when you mean "you."] [studying more better--do not use "more" with "better". Remember the adjective takes this form: good, better, best. If something is better, it cannot be more better.].

You second sentence should read: In contrast, others say that living in a dormitory helps you study better.

Personally I think there are as many distractions living in an apartment off camus as living in a dormitory. Good students learn how to avoid the distractions no matter where they live.

Hope this helps.
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Wll it all depends on what kind of person you are, also it depends on what kind of roomate you have , if you have the type that likes party well for sure its gonna be more difficult for you to study , you will also be temted to go out drink , etc you know those stuffs.

but in my expericne it deffitely makes you cut more classes in my opinio the closer you live to school the more you cut classes, since its so close you start to think that you can wake up 10 min earlier and get to class, but it you over sleep one minute you will not be in time, there fore you will say to yourself , AHHH i'll go the second Hour but when you realize its already too late to wake up for the Second hour !!!!!!!

SO it all depends, Rommate and youself.

Let me know if this answer its good for you or if it really helped you.
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i thing living in dormitory don't make studying difficult.