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Hi. My name is D. I have homework on the disadvantages of living in a big city. Can anyone, anyone at all help me? I've run out of points and i need more.
More stores
more work
pherhaps cheaper (flats)

so many people

The conclusion:
I prefer to live remote, but not too remote. That will know, that I like living near a city, but not in the city.

I hope that I could help you.

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Forgive me if these have been said:

Advantages of City Living:
Greater cultural opportunities (more diverse populations, range of restaurants, languages)
Less need for automobile; save $ on gasoline (public transportation is usually better in cities)
Closer emergency services than in rural areas
More job opportunities

Disadvantages of City Living:
Higher crime rates
Often more expensive cost of living (particularly with home/apartment)
Higher likelihood of legal action against you (sounds weird, I know...but it's true)
Lack of sense of "home" (because of its anonymity)

There's a few, anyway!
You've got right. I will say the same things.
So you don't live in a city, right?

Yeah, I live in the city, But i don't know nuthin' cause i ani't old enough to know much in the first place. Or so i am told..... Would you happen to know anymore Advantages?
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Are you living in China? My teacher also asked me a same question. i wanna be your friend
hi !

thanks very much for your topic. I will help me a lot in my study. hope to see do soon. bye
HI my name is A. My teacher has given me the exact same project, wow. All yr 'quotes' have been a gr8 help thanxs A
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Thx for this topic. It helepd me to prepare to my Oral mature exam.
Cheers from Poland Emotion: smile
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