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Living in a big city hm more friends, more workplaces


more dangerous as in a little city

more gangsters, criminality
I live in second biggest city in Poland (population of about 800 000) and the very most good thing about it is beeing quite anonymous. You can do anything, go anywhere with anybody, without being peeped and commented by neighbours or friends of the neighbours, or friends of friends of the neighbours, or ...

It also is much easier to have fun - I mean things like discos, pubs and bars, concerts, shows, sport clubs, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, museums, sightseeing, and many many more.

Want to try? Citizens of Lodz invite you! Come and have fun! Emotion: big smile
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If it is a homework you have to be responsable and do all alone so your work´ll have value.
don´t get ungry
Muchos besos a todos
its true we r able to get good education ,enormous communication skills in various languages, a lot of exposure in technology, various opportunities and so on...in big cities.

But the only missing factor is..

" Humanity".

Best Regards,

Tamil Arivu Jayaraman.

*prostitution ( a lot)


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There are more advantages than disadvantages in a city
I can't imagine having a dog in a big city. I know people do, but dogs deserve a place to run. I live in a pretty rural area, and I would miss the wildlife. I hear birds in the morning, watch squirrels out my window, have a bunny that lives under some bushes in my yard, and there is a pair of ducks that have made their nest in the stream behind my house. I can be in a city by driving for about 45 minutes, so I have a nice mix.

On the other hand, being able to WALK to the places you want to go would be nice, and access to good Thai food are definite city assets! (Although I had that when I lived in the downtown part of a small town - and I still got the squirrels!)
live on the moon is better for u [ Emotion: big smile]

just kidding

well the best of all to live in big city and have 1 or 2 months travelling to villages to bretah fresh air and have a nice time.
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I like to live in a big city
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