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Hi everybody,

I had to write an essay about living in a city for my English clases. All of your opinions have helped me a lot. Thanks.


i need essay about living in a big city
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AnonymousHey!! well i am doing a project to and i thought ti would be nice help a little bit... well... i thought the disadvantages would be like ...

More Taxes

No Natural surroundings

Less friends





Did that help??

p.s. my name is Rissa25

Less Friends... I have a lots of friends, and a big park too.... I dont see a problem I think that it is good to live here.

I live in a very big city but i lived a more time into small city in border of Volga . Speed of live of Capital city is very fast . a many of stress and problem , but this live is very interesting . Small city is good place for rest but live where longer than 3 month is not interesting
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i had this topic for writting too.
i had this topic for writting too.
all of you help me alot for my writting.i thinke its not important you live where or how if you enjoy your life and have positive think in every plase you can live. thanks alot
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Thank U so much.
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