I have a class topic: "The advantages and disavantages of living in a big city". Anyone can help me? Thanks alot.
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I'm from Madrid, but I don't live in the capital. I live in a city near Madrid (only 15 km). It's name is Fuenlabrada. But you don't think it is a small city. Fuenlabrada has got 200.000 inhabitant, when Madrid has got 5 millions. But I go to Madrid for work, and it's fantastic. If you can, I recommend you this city.


1) Good standard of living.
2) Good exposure.
3) Very good scope.
4) Better transport facilities.


1) Pollution.
2) Costly.
3) Congested.
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Frankly speaking living in a big city has its pros but also cons as well.Opinions about big cities are divided.Some people who lives there would give everything to have even a small posession in the country, others are delightet about what they already have.I don’t have precisse opinion about this subject.One side is that living in a big city is more comfortable:cinemas ,theaters, museums for those who like culture.For fussys, shops on every corner,lots of pubs and restaurants to choose,and that isn’t enough:schools are incomparable with those in a smal towns. Once more we can choose whatewer we want to.People, especially young have oportunities which are out of our reach.It’s also much easier to find a well paid job or any job for despered.For second hand people in a big city are faceless ,there is a very big competitions –famous rat race.It’s good but sometimes might go too far.Faceless is good in some situations for example the volume of gossips is lesser than in town like Starachowice where strange pople always knows something about you, from their friends who knows it from their friends and the most important subject, not only for teenagers is what did she wear two weeks ago!I hate it.

In spite of all of those fascinating about big cities it isn’t hard to find some disadvantages.Firstly the pollutions ,secondly horrible noise... except those we can find there more robbers, murderers psychopats –the more people the more deviations we have.I think that i wouldn’t be able to live in a big city for all my life the best sollution for me is living in wilderness but not too far from the big city.


  • make more friends and meet more people

  • you can what you want in big city “Shopping”

  • good places hotel, parks, centers …..

  • more college and university

  • traffic jam more cars

  • pollution

  • bad health because we can breath fresh air

  • noisy

  • live in big city take our time and our power by working hard

  • more problems in family for example divorce.
Advantage of living in Villages : Good people bond.

Almost all of them know others in the villages, atleast in the villages in India.
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we are talking about living in a big city not villages Emotion: thinking

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The view from someone living in a very small (pop. 4,000) town.

Advantages of living in a large city:

  • More work/jobs for kids growing up to get without having to leave home. (There are no jobs where I'm from.)

  • Things are closer and more convieient. (I live on a farm. When I'm not in school, I only "go to town" 2-3 times a week. If you want something - tough luck. Emotion: wink

  • Better facilities for almost everything - sports, museums, other recreation.

  • No "sense of community" (which is strong around here, everyone knows everyone, this can be both an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. If everyone knows you, everyone expects something of you. In a large city, you wouldn't feel that obligation to please everyone.)

  • Pollution

  • Too many neighbors Emotion: smile

  • NOISE!

Just my opinions - best wishes!

KYsheeplover06, I just referred to your first point in the 'disadvantages' column, but under the advantage of Villages.

No problem, Silentwar.
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