Some people said that living with roomates makes attending college diificult because of late night hours, more temptations to cut class, and more distractions from studying. In contrast, others said that it helps u study better. What are your opinions?
If your roommates have the same major as you, it can be motivating and supportive. If they do not, I would say it is more likely a distraction. Especially if you have very different fields of study or your major is much more difficult than your roommates'.
I don't think cutting classes one in a blue moon should be a problem. It might help you to relax a bit from such hard work, and help you concentrate better later in the long run, I am sure you'll agree that shouldn't be a distraction, I would just called it a break.
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That depends on your major. I know if I had cut classes once or twice, it would have made my life harder, not easier because I would have missed material. I am thankful I do not get sick very often!

Besides, I paid for the class, so I'm going to go to every session. There's plently of time for breaks after class.
You have made me see your point, and you are probably right. If that is the case I would probably want to apologise for not having attented that class, and I would offer to do some extra work so as to compensate for the unattended lesson. Do you think that would do?
I don't think you need to worry too much. Lots of students skip class occasionally. The professor isn't going to take it personally. It is your money after all (unless your education is subsidized). Don't volunteer for more work Emotion: smile Are you crazy? hehe. Anyway, it takes the teacher more time to prepare work for you to do than it is worth. The teacher might like an apology if he's really strict about attendence, but don't do it every time you're late or you miss class. Sometimes it's better to let your mistakes go unnoticed than to apologize for every one. That just brings unwanted attention on you.
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Do you know when students don't skip classes? Well when the teacher is interesting, handsome, has blue eyes, an interesting voice and talks about real things, is funny, and especially when he treats you to a drink after class. Interesting stuff, uh?Emotion: surprise
Yes you are right. I've noticed an almost full attendance by student on one of my lecturer's class because she is beautiful and can teach well. The teacher is one factor that makes lazy student keep a good attendance rate.

I do think that living with roommates makes attending college difficult, especially those with nocturnal living style. Living alone or staying with parents can make a person feeling bored or lonely, so they tend to go to college constantly to meet friends and avoid these feelings.
Forgive my confusion, but ... one MUST live with roommates - by definition of the word "roommate". A roommate is someone with whom you share a room. Surely, it is not possible to have a roommate and not live with them?

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