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Hi I am brand new on here right now don't know if any of you are getting my emails back. I feel the same way and would love to chat. I think friends can become family. Everyone I meet at church and such has family. They all spend it together its not like I would say hey I,m alone on holidays and have no family. There has to be a lot of other nice good people out there that don't have family but want to. Well we cant change the family situation we were born to (unfortunately) I have cried to many tears over that and it gets me no where. Why don't us people without familes get together by emails and if we have things in common general morals of course and knowing the difference between right and wrong well we could become good friends and then like family. I am a CNA and have a background check that I don't mind sharing with someone who dosent freak me out. lol. I am a 54 year old women. By the way the person who corrected that nice Lady's grammer, you are rude and on the wrong site (No, this website is an English grammar forum, and the original post was a question about grammar —Moderator). Be NICE don't say mean cold things that don't make a hoot of difference. Straighten up and fly right. Hope to hear from this nice lady I'm writing back to. Thks

Don't pay attention to people who right mean things on here. I understand how you feel.
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Hi Anon,

I get email alerts when anyone posts on here so I've been following and posting for a while now. Does anyone know if we can private message people in here?

you and i have the such such a similar story i just cant beleive it i was in fostercare at 15...i live haunted every day my the neglect... you give me strenght
Hello........I certainly don't wallow, yet every where I turn, I am confronted with how I am different, for not having a family. One important way I deal with it is to meditate, pray, look for the moments that contain joy, or gratitude. It would be GREAT if there were a support group for people without families!!!! All the best to all, Salinda
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Salinda - go to meet up dot com and put into the search area Living Without Family. I have a support group there. We are meeting up in London next month. Emotion: smile
Hi Krissie1,

I am also without relatives and family. I have tried to go to meet up.com but cannot find your group. Can you send me a link?

Hi Anja,

Im not sure whether they will let me post a link here, so here goes:

Ok I just tried a few times and I cant seem to do it.

If you go to meetup dot com and put "living without family" in the search box in the top right hand corner - then scroll down a little bit and you will see the group with 83 members. Let me know if you can't find it still and I wqill try someting else. Emotion: smile
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To Leah,
I felt very sad and unsettled after reading your life story. I also was amazed at your strength and resilience at being able to escape from those abusive situations which you were in. I wanted to ask you about your head injury, and how you were able to run away and then get a job in France, after receiving such a horrible injury? Will you be getting any medical treatment etc for this head injury? Are you able to access help from support services for women who have been victims of domestic violence? I am asking you this, because I have also experience abuse both at home and in violent relationships after I left home. I escaped and went to a shelter, and also had to live in horrible places at times when I was unemployed. I want to know if you are ok. From Anne-Louise.
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