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The woman reaching out also asked about her grammar!
I too am in a similar situation but I live on farm in a wonderful old house with animals all around,so I was thinking....why not find others without families and we can become each others family by creating and living in community together. What do you think?
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I am also alone and 65. I noticed your post was in 2009, so I don't know what your life is like now. I am an only child too. Family I have, are scattered all over, and was never close to them. They all have had very full lives. I was married very young and it did not work out. Marriage after that never felt right. I am living alone with just a very few friends. I have been afraid to tell them how empty my life is, for fear of them thinking I am totally abnormal. So I have made up stories to make myself seem more normal. I hate this because then you can not become close. But, if they knew my real life they might think there is something really wrong with me. I would like to find people like me in my area, a support group, but thought I would explore the internet first. I did not think there was anyone in the world like me, that is so alone. The hurt and the empty feelings of being alone are so painful at times that I feel as though I can't breath. Have you found a way to help your situation? I would love to hear from you. I don't know if you are still active on this site. I have never participated in any forums or chats before, So I don't know if I am doing this correctly. I to, have had many health issues. For right now, I try to find the small joys in life, and stay in contact with the friends that I have made.

Hope things have been looking up for you. Faith24
Hi, Faith. I saw your post and thought I would respond. First of all, let me clarify that this forum is a "Learning English" forum where we help people who are trying to improve their English. The original poster was someone from overseas who had a question about the grammar of the passage, which came from another website. There is a link to that site at the top of the original post. Apparently the quoted passage struck a chord with many people, because the original post has attracted hundreds of replies from people who read the passage and felt it spoke to their hearts, some of whom were quite angry at the hapless Forum member who actually answered the original grammar question.
That said, it is clear from your post that your life is not as you would like it to be. As I said, we teach English here, so this forum is probably not the best place for you to look, but I am sure that there must be forums on the internet that are geared to people in your situation. Also, the internet could be a valuable resource for finding out what is available to you locally. If there is nothing suitable, perhaps you could use the internet to organize something?
You mentioned that you have experienced health issues, and I do not know what resources you have, nor what limitations, so this may not be relevant to your situation. Nevertheless, let me share something with you about a wonderful lady (my mother). She retired at age 64. Many of her friends were colleagues from work, and she concluded that to remain where she was would be to continue to be a part of the workplace dramas of "he said" and "she said" and "the boss did". She didn't want that, so she traveled around, found a town she liked and moved there. She enjoyed gardening, bird-watching, history, traveling and helping people. Accordingly, she joined the local gardening club, bird-watching club, historical society, and women's club. She traveled to places she wanted to visit, sometimes as part of a tour, sometimes with a friend or two, sometimes with me, and sometimes by herself. She volunteered at the homeless shelter and the battered women's shelter. She was active in her church, and was a volunteer caretaker and docent at another local church that was of historical significance. She visited half of the US states and half a dozen countries. As a result she made any number of new friends, and spent her retirement years staying busy doing things that she enjoyed, and which made her happy and her life meaningful.
I urge you to see what you can do to improve your situation. Being unhappy is no way to live. Have you talked to your doctor? I am no expert, but you sound as though you may be suffering from depression. Whether or not this is the case, your doctor may have useful advice to give. If you are religious, your minister or rabbi might be worth talking to. Either one may be able to put you in touch with support groups or other help.

In conclusion, may I offer you my best wishes, and express my fervent hope that you are able to find the happiness you seek.

Blue Jay.
Blue JayFirst of all, let me clarify that this forum is a "Learning English" forum where we help people who are trying to improve their English. The original poster was someone from overseas who had a question about the grammar of the passage, which came from another website.
Thank you Blue Jay, and with those words I will now lock this thread Emotion: smile
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