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Hi Viola,

Thanks for your post. I would love to meet people in the same situation.....but people who want to help themselves too. I have a full life and am quite a happy person and don't really want to be surrounded by people who just want to wallow in their own misery....only we can get the support we want which is why I post here and on another forum.....the other forum is just the same really - people go in and moan about their lot but do not want to help themselves.....anyway I think I may come back later and post my email address so you and others can contact me if you wish.....

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Im the same age and feel terribly alone. I also fled a bad homelife as a teen and for many years was content. Now I feel true pain having no family and it consumes my life and has crippled me in so many ways. If I even had a sibling I wouldnt feel so lonely.
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Hi Yasmin I'm a 35 yr old female with in the same positon., Absolutely no family. I was putup for adoption into an abusive home and left at 15. The pain and isolation is constant. All the best, Sass
That story reminded me of my youth and the hell I went through. How are you coping with everything I am curious to know. For me I have no idea where to turn.
Hello to everyone who's replied. I relate to I relate to the woman who's lost most of her family as I feel that I don't have any family'. I'm in my mid 40's, no longer have my parents, am estranged from my siblings and had the added blow of the unexpected death of my fiance recently, which lead to a legal battle, unimagined hostility from my fiance's family, friends turning on me and an emotional breakdown and repeated visits to my doctor with complaints of lethargy and fatigue, in the end a naturopath (through a saliva test, the only accurate one to have) diagnosed me with problems with my adrenal glands, apparently adrenal exhaustion can occur from repeated trauma and stress but is not really recognised by the medical profession, but is treatable. In the past I've considered friends to be my family, but not any more. When it comes down to it 'their family' comes first and your always expected to accept it and take a back seat. I've been told by one friend that I have several friends that I can contact when I have good news to share - that was his answer to not having contact with family. All of us in this situation understand each other and know there's always someone worse and that our situations could always be much worse, but it doesn't make our loneliness any less raw. I haven't found any support groups for 'us' and haven't had any solutions from my psychologist in answer to being family-less. There must be loads of us, surely with all the funding that's being ploughed into mental health there would be some sort of support out there, I live in Hope. A
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I am in awe that there are others in the world without a single family member that cares. I was the youngest of five, but am the result of an affair between mother and brotherinlaw. Blood is thicker than water and the family chose to disown me for the shame I brought with my birth. I learned part of this ugly truth 10 years ago. I am 47 and feel like a train wreck. I've had a major back surgery because I was abused so badly as a child, my back was injured and finally separated 13 years ago. I spent a week in hospital after 8 hours in surgery and 3 days in post op. No visitors came, no one called me at home. I am so hurt by what happened words cannot describe how I feel. I wish you the best in life.Kate xo
Hi all,

I see this thread is still going. Anonymous, your story sounds so sad. How lonely to not have anyone visit you in hospital - surely you have some friends?? I kind of started a Facebook Support Group page but havn't made it live as yet. I am hoping I can post the link here when it is ready.....xx
Krissie1, there was a bug - the usual formatting has been fixed now - you'll need to repost your comments.
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I am hopeless at posting in this forum. I am hoping this message goes up on this thread. Kate, do you not have any friends that support you when you need them such as when you were in hospital?? I kind of started a Facebook Page up for people like us but havn't made it live yet and am not sure I can post it here even when I do make it live. We need to all help each other with unconditional support.
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