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I feel your pain. I've been searching the net for years in hopes of finding a support group for people like us. I make the best of my situation by just being the best person I can be, always being kind and helpful to others.....and keep praying as I always have that some day i will be part of a family that loves me. It's my private pain that I've been carrying around for years and wish I had a place to share it.
Hi all. I have posted in this thread several times over the last year and have just started a support group for people living without families. Not sure if I am allowed to post it here but will give it a try. I will also link back to this website so we can spread out community around:

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Hi: I just lost my Son right before Christmas of Pulmonary Embolism, he was 39. I too am alone in the world. I have 2 or 3 cousins who live in Fl., so far from Philadelphia, PA. I do not think they would want me in their lives as they have families. I always thought my Son would get married and I told him I wanted lots of Grand babies, but it never happened. Where do you go and what do you do when you're all alone in the world? I have friends but that's not the same. It's funny, from day one I wanted a large family, dreamed of it, it was like I felt in my bones what was to come. Please help.......someone.....I'm a good person, kind, generous, loving. Norma <Email removed>
Hi all,

I have started a FB Page for people living without a family. Will create a website this year so we can all support each other in the "real" world and not just online. This website is great.- Intelligent discussions from people who want to help themselves. xx
I can relate with you Yasmin. My sister's name is Yasmeen Emotion: smile. I was also disowned by my family through my own actions. I took it upon myself to up and leave my family who's views on life differed from mine. I'm 36 years old now. It's been 17 years since I last saw my family. Do I regret what I did? No. Do I yearn for a family? Absolutely. Although I have a loving husband and 3 children, I feel a sense of emptiness and sadness. Why am I here? Google said follow this link if you're "living without a family." I think the empty feeling contributes to my overall mood. I'm sad all the time no matter what. I'm jealous of my husband's relationship with his family. I hate that I feel that way, but I do. I don't want to see a psychologist because they can't help me and it's looked down upon in my field of work. I may have a mild case of depression, but I can't treat it because it would mean seeing someone about it. I'm stuck in my own misery with no real friends to depend on and no family to lean on when the going gets tough. I hurt inside.
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Norma, are you there?
Poor you Yasmeen. I think there are so many of us out there in the big wide world today. We should be able to make our own families.
Hi everyone.

Just googled 'people without family' and found this page. I too have a story, yet would like to wait with sharing it. A self help group sounds like a wonderful idea, Krissie1. One with certain guidelines and principles. have attended other self help groups, so I have some experience with it. I am so happy to find a group at all. It was quite difficult to find this group I tried different sentences with google. Mostly I got something about 'family' back. We do indeed live in a society that is based on having a family. Have read the posts here, and can tell that there are many wonderful, resourceful and brave people here. We are not really alone. Emotion: smile What is the FB page called, Krissie1?
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It sounds like a good idea that you are thinking of setting up the support group website. I am in the same situation. I lost my mother a couple of years ago (at the age of 40) and now I have no parents left, an estranged brother and cousins and aunts/uncles who are all abroad and I don't even have their phone numbers. Most of the time I get on with my busy life but there are times when I remember that I am alone in the world. I am single and have no children. I have lots of friends but none of them is totally alone. All have at least one parent left, siblings, nieces, nephews. My close friends have become my family now. Would be great to have a support group.

Best wishes,

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