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Hi El,

My mum died two years ago too. Never had a father and never wanted children. We are roughly the same age. What I need is to get my Facebook Page up the Search Engines is for more people to tell their stories on that page. I want to create a community for us all but I need a bit of help because no1 is posting at the moment - well a few have but not many. I think the more people post, the more people will join in. I will keep that page up because people are slowly finding it. When I feel there is a need for it - I will create a website for us all (or if anyone else wants to do it, please go ahead Emotion: smile) with the intention of starting local groups of people in the same situation. That way, we can be each others family. So if anyone wants to go and post on the Page - please go ahead and write what you have written here if it's at all possible. Thanks. Krista.
I feel like I wrote your post. I have the exact same words. It's really really tough without family. Do you want to talk?
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Hi anon,
Is this your first post?
Hello everyone, I was googling "living without a family" tonight and I came accross this site...I thought to myself "this is bound to be old" but HEY its NOT and I am sooo thrilled! First of all, Id like to say to the original poster and all subsequent posters that I am so very sorry all of us have to go through this! Its incredibly hard and it gets incredibly lonely and most people dont get it! Although my birth family is still alive, I had the priviledge of being raised by people who suffer from personality disorders and are extremely abusive (unfortuntely all types of abuse apply). So "technically" they are still among us but we are alianated and I feel lonely every single day. I've been through therapy and Im in the acceptance stage so I really need to connect with people that genuinely wish to move on and build a reciprocal network of love, understanding and support. I do have "real life" friends but thing is when I met them I was not in a position to know what friendship meant or what it entailed (I would term just about everybody as friend-my need was so immense) and so now I realise that they are more like good acquaintances but not willing to bond on a deeper level. It is very unfortunate that I dont live in the UK but in Greece but I did visit the "living without family" facebook page and tried becoming a member! The "become member" button does not show! I dont know if it is because I still dont have the "timeline thing" or what but I need to search through "friend search" before I can see some of the posts...you will probably notice me asking the same question on facebook so if everything else fails, please please befriend me so I can get the group feeds Emotion: big smile Im wishing us all strength and peace above all and tons of good luck!
Thanks Krissie1 it means alot to me but we can all have family reunions on line!! Emotion: big smile
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Hi there:

I was reading in a book that if a person is lonely, that person should perhaps try volunteering with lonely people. For example, try volunteering with an elderly person that has no family. By helping others, perhaps this will take a person's mind off his or her own lonliness.

Also, try to look at life this way. We are only here for 100 years at most, and will be reconnected with our loved ones when we cross over to the other side.
exodejavuHello,http://www.creators.com/lifestylefeatures/annies-mailbox/annie-s-mailbox-r-2009-03-05.html (Annie's Mailbox® by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar)What follows is one part of a letter on that page.I am a very young-looking 65-year-old widow and an only child. My husband was also an only child. My parents are dead. I have no nieces or nephews, and my aunts and uncles are all dead, except one uncle by marriage who is 97 and lives in another state. Is there a support group for people who are all alone in the world? Living without family is the most horrible existence there is, especially when your health is not good. Friends are not the same. You still have to go home to an empty house.Regarding the sentence in bold, I was wondering what the use of "there is" is.Is it a phrase of emphasis?Will the semantics or the tone differ if "there is" was deleted?Best Wishes
Hello to all i'm in the same situation what helps me is to know what a friend we have in the precious Lord our God if you just ask him with all your heart he will be all the family and friend you need..Look up bible scriptures on loneliness is well change your lives... Thats the devils work wanting you to feel sad inside remember your never alone God bless each and everyone of you
Sorry but I am an athiest so this doesn't help me. Emotion: smile
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(This is an English grammar forum, and the original question was about English grammar—Moderator)

How terrible that you discuss language/writing problem while

I think this person is expecting and deserves an answer, advise

or at least some encouragements at her question.

It is indeed a terrible situation but I think it can be softened by making efforts in positive thinking

and especially not isolating yourself. Meet people.

Good luck. blessings. Dinah

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