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Hi krissie1 Can you set up a new page/ website? I've just stumbled across this page. I'm relevied there are people out there who feel the same as me. It's soothing to know. I'm not alone Emotion: smile I'm UK based also(NW) R x
Hi Anon Emotion: smile

Im going to see if I can message you privately - have no idea how this forum works.....
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I am in the UK as well-I did post here a while ago. I would be interested in being in touch with others in the same situation as myself, as very few people really understand what it is like to be so alone. And it gets harder the older you become and the chance of having your own children has gone. I am mid fifties and still hope to get married one day, though I have to accept that it might not happen.
To the poster who wrote about being reunited with lost loved ones after death. I believe that this will happen and, on one hand, it is very comforting, but on the other hand it makes me wish I could go to be with them now. So it has its advantages and disadvantages.
I cant contact anyone in here directly but Id like to chat to the UK'ers.....how do we do this????? Lets get aquainted!! Emotion: wink
Annie I am also without family, I came to this country in 1975 with two cans of powder milk and five jars of baby food with my son who was 17 months old and no money in my pocket, I came here from the Bahamas, I had another son who was born in Chicago, IL and I was a single parent's their Fathers did nothing to help me with them, now that they are grown they have turned their backs on me, even though my Mom abused me I still took care of her, in doing so I lost everything for her in the end she never told me that she loved me, I am 58 years old and my son's wont even help me with nothing, I am living in a small town in CA where there are no Doctor's if I knew what I know now I would of walked out of their lives I would of never help my Mom and I would of been in my home in FL and it would of been paid off by now. I am at a lost and my Fibro is getting worse along with the cataracts situation that I have. I have contacted so many people to help me and no one seem to care, so maybe I can sit and wait to die.
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I wonder if there is a support group for those that do not have family. It would be great to have someone to spend and plan the holidays with; it would give me something to live for.
Thanks for reading
you say no one understands how your feeling well i must say your wrong your not the only one going through this and hope you answer me I would really like to talk to you and when you hear how the cut off of my family started im sure we will have much to talk about but for now all i can tell you is stay strong we all need each other.

Hello to all,

I find myself in many of these people I have read about here on your site. I'm to the point in my life where
I just don't give a damn anymore. I'm all alone too. I have no mate, kids, family, or friends.
All I have is my littlel dog Ellie Mae. Without her I probably would have committed suicide a long
time ago. I'm very lonely and I FIGHT DAILY to not give up. I don't trust (ANYONE) and
that's hard too because, I have to learn to trust someone if I’m looking to heal. But, with all of
the pain I have been through in my life to date, and people treating me like *** from the age of 5.
I just don't trust easily. I'm also now for the first time in my life questioning Gods existence.
Because if he does exist, he don't like me AT All. I'm 46 now and I just keep praying it will get better.
If not, screw it all.... I’m tired.........I’m really tired.....

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i understand, its the most painful thing, especially keeping a front up every day to show people your strong. Im 17 and live on my own, i was passed from my nan who brought me up then to my uncle and aunt who kicked me out. Its horrible cos u cant rely on friends cos they dont want to to know your problems after the first 5 minss. i just want someone to love me unconditionally, not for what i look like, or what i do, just for me
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