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Hi Yasmin - I disowned my family at the age of 19. I can understand the feeling you're going through as I go through it every now then. Are you with anyone now? Kids?

Hey, I'm Kieran. I just found this forum and though I"m not in UK I'd still like to get connected if you're still there. You seem really nice and you keep coming back with replies. I connected this to facebook so you can send a request if you want.

Trying to find a short way to sum up my life. I'm 17 so still young and currently in Hong Kong. I was born in New Zealand to divorced parents and a crazy mother along with a twin sister. After foster homes and legal battles I was moved to HK to live with my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt and Uncle are abusive mostly just verbal and whipping but when I got older my Uncle started to attack me physically in his rage. After an incident in which both my Aunt and Uncle hit me they framed me by calling the police. Though I had a large detailed bite mark on my thigh from my Uncle the police did not press any charges. I was put into a hostel where every freedom was taken away and also threatened with juvy which I ended up in twice. I eventually escaped into my mother's custody but she is poor and still completely mental. I am trying to get a job but it is difficult when below 18 in HK. I have friends and a church but no one understands me and no one is ever really there for me now. I'm rarely happy and if so it only seems so on the surface. I used to be really happy all the way to my soul even with the problems when I was back in school and had friends who were like family. Now everyone has drifted away. Even a more recent close friend who kept me going has drifted away after I guess finding other things she wants in life. I'm not criticizing them it's just now I am so alone again. I'm just looking for support to help me keep going until someone takes interest or maybe never but I just want to be able to cope. It's so hard doing anything. I may not have the worst story and my life is ok now but it is empty and lonely. Please contact me if you want. Full name on facebook is Kieran Cheng in case you can't check the profile. I have a picture of a blue galaxy
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Hello To Everyone,

I have been thinking about everything you are all saying and it is all so true. As I myself have lost my last family member
last year and started thinking ..is there anyone else in this world feeling so lost and lonely. Especially at holidays and
as well it would just be nice to start a new family here I think.
Everyone knows you can never replace the family you had but..we only live once and why can't we have our own new family
and friends to chat with and love and maybe even join on a holiday. Why should we have no one, its not right or fair.
This is what I think please let me know your replies and if all feel the same I will start a website for us all to meet and chat any time and opinions on what we should call it. We can build the site and our new families together.
We can talk to each other about any thing our health ,lives, family we lost, pets...anything as we would to a real
loving family we no longer have.
Let me know your opinion on doing this and what you would like me to put in and Lets get the family we deserve.
Also how can I give you all my email to write to me direct with your feelings? Does anyone know please?
Hi there anon - whats your name? I kinda started a website for a group like you mentioned but just do not have the time at the moment. I also started a Facebook group and that is still going although I dont go in there anymore. I would love it if you could start a website for this kind of thing - I could also maybe help.....
Honestly I dont know why I bother coming in here to post!! People ask questions and then disappear.....
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God bless you my dear....the grammer idiot that felt the need to answer your post is the reason most of us without family pretened we are happy with our lot ...love the post that told him to go to a grammer chat room lol..There is a big market for this kind of support ...take care x

(This IS a grammar forum, and the original post was a question about grammar -Moderator)

My only family is my son who is in his twenties and my husband who is in his late seventies.I am in my late fifties.
I am looking for a group of people who have only few families or no families.
Does anybody know any organization for people to join or go for guidance and comfort when they needed except the church?

an odd existence indeed. My father passed about 10 years ago, although we were never close, he was abusive and an alchoholic, I still kept him in my life. In spite of being 'alone' I've led a fairly rich life, friends, activities, hobbies, travel etc.
I would love to connect with people in California in this predicament. You know what sucks? I can't leave an email address to contact me here because if my friends or anyone googles me...this chat will pop up and I'll be "outed" ...not that it's a big secret, but you do sort of look desperate when you're hitting up websites for people with no family. If anyone knows a good source in California for meet ups? let me know. I'm not a depressed type, but unique in this situation as are we all I would imagine. SO hit me up in California ......those who can relate?
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I have a huge whole in my heart where a family should be. I was an unwanted child my mother (who made it clear she did not want me) ignored me all my life. I could go on but its sad.

I have been thinking that there must be a lot of lonely people in this world. I seen no reason why it has to stay that way. Why cant we find nice, compassionate, non violent, non criminal etc. people that we have things in common with and well the same general morals I guess would be good too, to be chosen so to speak family. To do holidays with and camp outs fishing etc. Talk to, be there for each other like when someone is ill. I believe in God and think that's pretty much how he meant the whole world thing to go. Theres a lot of mean people out there. There has to be a lot of good people out there too. I am a 54 year old girl woman tomboy sometimes too. Anyone out there feel the same? Write back.
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