I'm in need, of a letter for a sponsorship to an Ironman triathlon. From a local tavern. My ultimate goal is to qualify through this race, in my age group. For a slot in the World Championship in Kona for the 2008 season. This well established bar and restaruant, has sponsored an indivual several years ago, that DNF (did not finish) the race. And was given thousands.With a fake tattoe of the establishment, on my arm and my bike shorts( Rock Bottom). It would be a great way for advertising, as well as, a fun partnership. If some one could pretty please help me, achieve my long term goal. I would be so for ever greatful.


David F.
I'm not sure that I understand?

Best Regards,

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To summarise then:

You can post your letter here for help but we don't actually write letters for people.

If you search the site (search box top right hand corner) for 'sponsorship letter' you will find lots of examples.