1. Is there any difference between emoticons lol and xD for/to you native speakers?

2. I occasionally tend to use xD in chat or blog. I just worry if I make people displeased. Is it alright if I don't use it too often?

3. about #1 sentence: Which preposition, for or to, is correct?

Thank you!
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What does xD mean? LOL is laughging out loud, right? As a native I choose not to use them, but then I'm 37 not 15!
Thank you for your reply! Yes, LOL is laughing out loud. xD means lol. When looking xD from the side, x becomes its eyes, and Dmakes the mouth. Emotion: smile
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LOL = Lots of laughter/laughing.

Not to be confused with laughing loudly. Emotion: big smile

There is no other way to laugh other than out loud.

If there is no noise, it's a smile! Emotion: smile
I thought both are okay.Emotion: surprise

Thank you for your telling me it, Optilang. And sorry I was wrong, Dave Phillips.

I would appreciate it if you answer my questions too.Emotion: smile
1. Both are fast so I use both.2. I do not believe so but don't trust me.3. To
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Anonymous3. about #1 sentence: Which preposition, for or to, is correct?
XD is as good as lol.
anonymous XD is as good as lol.

Only for those who know what it means.

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