There is a phrase like it in Polish language which means something like "totally lonely". We were wondering with friends if it's a Polish idiom or if it's possible to say that "someone is lonely like a finger" in English too. Does anybody know that? Or if there's a sentence with a similar meaning in English?
Thanks and best regards from Poland

someone is lonely like a finger sounds strange to me, because my finger has 4 friends, maybe nine, to keep it company!

I'm still thinking about an English equivalent.

Best wishes, Clive
This is very familiar to me - I remember that my Grandmother, when describing someone who was very lonely, (for instance, a recent widow whose children live far away) would hold up an index finger and say, "She's like this - like one finger!" I have never, until now, heard anyone else say anything remotely like it and I always thought it was just my Grandmother's own not-very-logical invention. (As Clive pointed out, one finger is very rarely alone!) My Grandmother came to the U.S. from the Ukraine, at the age of 14, in the early 1900s.

We really have no similar expression in English. Emotion: sad Sorry!
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I think even though the finger has some company it stands apart in the way it functions...dont know what the experts feel about this
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I think that it may be a Slavonic phrase... Anyway, great thanks for your answers and if someone would think out something more, I'd be still very grateful. Emotion: wink
Take care!

Hi, it from old polish where palec ( finger ) meant thumb and thumb is lonely because there is only one thumb on the hand.