Which one is correct?

- For long 10 years, ...

- Long 10 years ...

- For 10 years long, ...

for 10 years long
For ten long years.
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For ten years long - period of ten years
For ten long years - also (obviously) a period of ten years, but emphasising that the period seemed to take a long time to pass
RayHFor ten long years.
I completely agree.

Or For a long ten years
"For long 10 years" is wrong?
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I got it.

Thanks very much guys.
Penicillin"For long 10 years" is wrong?
Yes, but For a long 10 years is okay.

The 10-year Visa

This visa may be considered for people who have lived in the UK legally, for 10 years. If the application is successful the applicant will be able to stay in the UK on a permanent basis. The status granted is ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’.

These requirements will be relevant if you are applying on the basis of 10 years long residence:
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