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You're not reading the same books as me. All that stuff is over 50 years old, and quite possibly related to the upper classes. You are keen on some UK TV. How many references to religion have you seen in Coupling,

Well, there's the funeral in season one ("Sex, Death, and Nudity"). Also
"When God made the ***, he didn't say, 'Hey, it's just your basic hinge, let's knock off early.' He said, 'Behold ye angels, I have created the ***. Throughout the ages to come, men and women shall grab hold of these, and shout my name.'"
That's from the same episode ("Faithless") in which Jane gets involved with her station's religious show host, who shows up again a few times over season 3. The scene with Jane explaining things to his Christian discussion group is hilarious.
Andrew: What do you feel about the crisis of faith?

Jane: Sounds fantastic.
Andrew: Sometimes I find, when my prayers seem to go unanswered, and it's so very hard to find God's love in my life, that it's difficult to keep believing that God is still a real force in the world, watching over us. I find doubt so often in my heart.
Jane: You know...(to James) Perhaps I can help here.

James: Sure. Go ahead. That's what this is all about.

Jane: What's your name?
Andrew: Andrew.
Jane: Andrew. Lovely. Well, Andrew, there is something I probably had better explain. God is just a made-up person. Now you can't expect him to be answering your prayers if he's not real, can you? That's a bit like writing to the characters of a soap opera and expecting a reply, Mr. Silly Sausage.
James: Uh, Jane?
Jane: Yes, James
James: Here we are rather of the opinion that God is, in fact, real.

Jane: No!
James: Yes
Jane: He's not, is he?
Man: You don't believe in God?
Jane: Well, I suppose I never found him very...realistic.

James: Well, here we rather hold to the idea of one true loving God, I'm afraid.
Jane: Oh, no, that can't be right.
James: I'm sorry?
Jane: You see, they've got different gods in different countries. You should've checked that.
James: Well, obviously, there are other faiths.
Jane: What if... they're like MPs, and there's different gods for different areas, and they all report to a sort of "head god", like...Thor! or somebody.
James: Thor.
Jane: Thor. The thunder god. The one with the hammer. We did him at school. He was totally my favorite. You known, I'm not that easy, but show me a muscular blond who can control the weather and this girl's on all fours.
James: Okay. Let's move on, shall we. Has anyone else got something they want to discuss?
Woman: Perhaps we should go back to what we were discussing last week.
James: Ah, yes, we had a very lively debate last week, didn't we?

Jane: Really? What about.
Woman: Sex before marriage.
Jane: Ah! Now you're talking my language.
Woman: We're against it.
Jane: I'm sorry?
Woman: A number of us feel that premarital sex is a very bad thing.

Jane: Well, you're so wrong! Shagging's brilliant! Take it when you can get it is what I say!
Later, after Jane finds out that James doesn't believe in premarital sex and they're cleaning up
Jane: So...you and God, then.
James: Me and God.
Jane: I don't mean to put you on the spot, but...What's he got that I haven't?
James: He...created the universe, the world we live in, the sun, the sea, the skies, the stars,...and you. Personally, I think his work's improving.
Jane: And this..."premarital" thing...
James: Sorry. I happen to want to remain a virgin until my wedding night.

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You can trust Tony to report what he read in ... you wouldn't believe what you read in that, would you?

But he may have misinterpreted what he read. Look at the brief description which is still at the top of ... Tony to have assumed it was referring to the drink. A bit more of the context would sort this out.

This might shed some light on the matter. Then again, it might not.
William Dean Howells
Familiar Spanish Travels

IIIThis seems the place to note the fact that no Spaniard in humble life shaves oftener than once in three days, and that you always see him on the third day just before he has shaved. But all this time I have left myself sitting in the cafe looking out on the club that looks out on the Calle de Aleala, and keeping the waiter waiting with a jug of hot milk in his hand while I convince him (such a friendly, smiling man he is, and glad of my instruction!) that in tea one always wants the milk cold.

To him that does not seem reasonable, since one wants it hot in coffee and chocolate; but he yields to my prejudice, and after that he always says, "Ah, leche fria!" and we smile radiantly together in the bond of comradery which cold milk establishes between man and man in Spain. As yet tea is a novelty in that country, though the young English queen, universally loved and honored, has made it the fashion in high life. Still it is hard to overcome such a prepossession as that of hot milk in tea, and in some places you cannot get it cold for love or money.

Skitt (in Hayward, California)
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I knew about Magdalen, but what about Balliol?

Looking at the word, I would pronounce it "Bally-oll" or"Bally-ole". I'm quite sure, though, that the English pronounce it"sear-en-cester" or ... given oral instructions, would never associate the sound of the word with the sight of the word on a map.

John [email protected] (don't try to email him: he's history) was, of course, a Scot. Like many famous Englishmen.

Turn and face the strange.

Box, Cox, Detox, Praecox - as long as they never meet, things will go swimmingly
Christ Church College. (Haven't you read Gaudy Night?)

No. I've slept on the pavement in Barcelona. Does that count?

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Stick with Cambridge next time, then.

I erred when I posted this and put it in aeu instead of aue. Then I posted it here. I was told in aeu that Cambridge has a Magedalen (add an "e"), but it is also pronounced "maudlin". What's my fall-back?

Whoops! I have been telling people for decades that Magdalene is pronounced as it is spelt and that only Magdalen (which I always spelled/spelt as Magdallen until horibly recently) does the Maudlin thing.
A few years ago, a bright young thing was so disgusted by the institutional affectations she perceived in this (apparently bogus) distinction that she turned her back on Oxbridge and went to Durham instead.
Was Magdalene never pronounced Mag-da-len(e)? I haven't ruined her life or anything but it would be nice to think that my past is not wholly confabulated. (I was at Cambridge from '76 to'78, or '77 to '79, or something.)
There must be other differences between England and Indiana, but that's the only thing that comes immediately to mind.

Nice feed. I'm too hungry to do it justice, alas.

England is an islandiana whereas Indiana is a
Indiana is an igloo b
One the one hand, fat drunks in shorts, on the other Er
OK, Matti, because it's you I went back and skimmed the book until I found the reference on page 48. ... hot tea, but perhaps such things are viewed differently in England. Either use would serve to keep the beverage hotter.

Oh, well, that explains it. My parents routinely heated milk for coffee, from the 1940s (and probably earlier, but that's not within my memory) until their deaths a few years ago I know people who do it today. (Personally, I hate it.)
But never for tea.

Katy Jennison
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Christ Church College. (Haven't you read Gaudy Night?)

No. I've slept on the pavement in Barcelona. Does that count?

Hmm. Was it a particularly gaudy part of the city?

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No. I've slept on the pavement in Barcelona. Does that count?

Hmm. Was it a particularly gaudy part of the city?

Sorry, meant to write "Gaudi part ..." ... oh, dammit!

Katy Jennison
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