Is the sentence below too long and does it make sense?

The most likely explanation for high altitude adaptation in present day Tibetans, Sherpas and neighbouring populations is an evolutionary process called positive selection, where those new advantageous phenotypic changes would have filtered through successive Denisovan populations, allowing successive offspring to, in principle, quickly adapt to high altitudes within generations, although specific genetic examples and the pace of such genetic change are difficult to quantify.


I suggest you try to rewrite it in two or more shorter sentences. Then see which way seems best.


anonymousIs the sentence below too long and does it make sense?

When I first took a look at it, I thought it was going to be too long, but after reading it, I formed a different impression. It's long, but because it makes sense, it flows pretty well, so I wouldn't say it's too long. If you have a lot of long sentences like this in a row, however, it's going to make progress rough for the reader, so after a sentence like this, it might be better to have a few shorter sentences.


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Sentence length is a component of reading level. If this is meant for smart people, the length is not an issue if it reads well, and this does. There is a different problem, though. I think you want to quantify only the pace and not the examples. I'm afraid you'll have to add more words, maybe something like: "although specific genetic examples are hard to identify, and the pace of such genetic change is difficult to quantify." Note the comma, too.

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