today i had a lesson about long A sound , and when i was explaining the rule which says when two vowels are together like in hair the first is long sound and the second is silent ..

so some of my student asked me about the word eight .

here there is a long A sound but the first letter is E .

so why we don't pronounce this with long E sound ?

i hope someone can explain this for me ..

Hello, Im - and welcome to English Forums.

And what about neighbor and weigh? And fiat, wrought, tough, heard, great, bear, wound, fiend, friend, diet, and hundreds of other common words? The history of English spelling is twisted and multifarious. Generally, I don't think it is a very good idea to try to impose order on it.
this exactly what i thought , but you know in class for 13 and 14 years old you face these kinds of questions which make you embarrassed , and this order it's in the goverment book they put two rules when vowels together or they seperate by a consonant , so i'm stick to this book and students have a lot of questions that i can't answer Emotion: sad

thank you anyway my friend