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Well th massive word was words repeated, if you look closley it says the same things over and over again. My longest word would be, amalaganation which means ' a mixture of things' or Lacadaisical which means, someone who shows a lack of interest in something. Not sure which one is the longest i am Lacadaisical to count them ;] x
THE ACTUAL NAME IS 189.819 characters long!! This is not the actual name!
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@ Mr. freund0 !!!

that is not a word i guess! lol....
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (45)letters- A lung disease

hippopotomoustrosesquepedaliophobia (35)letters- fear of long words

phenylpropanolamine (19)letters-medicine for a runny nose

I just searched the longest word and that word has 189,819 letters

meaning:the largest known protein