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Crwth, an ancient Celtic musical instrument a bit like a violin, except its body is broad and shallow.
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we have a problem in " what are the vowels?"

let's solve this first..

aren't they ( a..e..u..i..o..)
hey thats a cool WORD
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RUHHHH..............? im so confused lol.........please tell me the real answer on the longest word without a vowel!!!!!!!!!!!

Y is a vowel. Rhythms is not the longest word without a vowel because it DOES have a vowel-- Y. Y rarely acts as a consonant. Let's get our facts straight before we start spouting nonsense. =)
For goodness sake!! It is quite obvious that you are all missing the point of the English language!! Maybe you should all take a crash course and start at the very beginning! Vowels are A, E, I, O, U we have only EVER had 5 vowels... so stop adding to them.Emotion: headbang Everyone in England loves the 5 we have!!

Please stop adding Welsh words as Welsh is a different language. The original question was "The longest ENGLISH word without vowels"

Simon and Vicky
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longest word without vowels:

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