Longest word without vowels

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Hello friends,

Let's try for the longest word without vowels. Just for fun!!!

I will start it : RHYTHM
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Hi all
The longest word is TWYNDYLLYNGS

Twyndyllyngs is the longest word in English that doesn't contain one of the five vowels (AEIOU). It comes from Welsh and is obviously rare, but it does appear in the Oxford English Dictionary.

It turns out that "twyndyllyng" (singular) is a 15th century spelling of the word "twinling," which means, in modern English, "twin."
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That's great Eargasms.

Trying to memorise its character sequence!!!


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how about "RHYTHMS!"
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Hi! I know this is not the longest word without vowels but it sure is the fear of long words - Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Emotion: smile

'Indivisibility' has only one vowel which occurs six times

'Strengths' is probably the longest word with one vowel (please let me know if I'm wrong)

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Good Benita and Dan.
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i think that there can't be a word without a vowel unless we make up one.

What about words with silent vowels such as: __recieve the I and Ein it are silent what if we made it without the vowels. It would look like receve right? so why don,t we take all the vowels out and say it the same.
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i just posted but why don't we just take y and w out of the vowels list.

Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi , it is really hard ,i will try dss

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