Studies have shown that this longevity is likely due to the healthy local diet. Most people in Okinawa eat fish, vegetables, grains, and tofu. One popular dish is goya chanpuru, which is stir-fried bitter melon, tofu, and sometimes pork. Okinawa soba, a bowl of buckwheat noodles with fish cakes and seaweed, is another favorite.


For a start, does "longevity" mean exactly "long life?"
Second, what does "goya" and "chanpuru" refer to respectively?
Third, I can't find "soba" in my dictionary, and I guess it's Janpanese. I wonder if it makes sense to you. Thanks.

1. The term longevity does connote long life.
2. Goya is a dark-green and bumpy bitter-melon (gourd). Chanpuru is a stir-fired dish.
3. Soba is a type of thin Japanese noodle generally made from buckwheat.
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Thanks, HT.

But I wonder why you're so versertile!

You mean versatile and about those Japanese words?

I don't know about being versatile. I, however, did learn a few Japanese words. Emotion: smile