What're the difference between them?
"it's not enough making money just working and ambition"
"it's not enough to make money just working and ambition"
these two sentences are meaning too "in order to"?
example;when someone asks us.
A: All right you did accept but for what?
B: loving her
here it's meaning "for,in order to"?
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Remember that the word "I" is always capitalised. You should get into the habit of capitalising it, otherwise your writing will look uneducated.
Matthew.90A:That's why you forgave her?
B:Loving her
B's reply does not match A's question.
Matthew.90Actually B's is like this; "Because i love her"
This is still not a feasible reply.

These are correct:

A: That's why you forgave her?
B: Yes. / Yes, that's right.

A: Why did you forgive her?

B: Because I love her.
He said to her, I shall fight for you if you marry me
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