Ho Chi Minh City is in Vietnam . It is one of the most populous towns in the world. From 1979 to 2009 Ho Chi Minh City was rising very fast. The population had doubled in 30 years. In 1979, the population of Ho Chi Minh City was about 3420. ten years later it increases a little with a population of 3988. Meanwhile, between 1999 and 2009, there was a 2086 increase in the population. We can see that in only more than 30 years, the population had doubled. It has grown so fast! The explosion of the population will one of the unsolvable problems in the future


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Look at the chart below. It shows the population change in Ho Chi Minh City over the past 30 years. Write a short paragraph describing the change. Use the passage in 4 to help you (What is the rest?)

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