I'm looking for my cat

I'm finding my cat.

What's the difference between look for and find?

Thanks in advance!
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'Look for' is what you do before you 'find' something. In other words, 'find' is the goal of 'look for'.

I'm looking for my cat. I hope I find her.
"look for" = "try to find"

You can look for something all day. When you find it, you stop looking.
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I agree.

When something is lost, the owner looks for it. After that, he/she either finds it or fails to do so.

For example, Janet was looking for her cat, which went missing. After an hour, her mother might be anxious and ring her on her mobile phone, asking, "Have you found your cat?"

Janet may reply, "I'm still looking for it. I'm very sad."
Hi guys,

I'm looking for my cat This offers no indication as to whether the search will be successful.

I'm finding my cat. This suggests the speaker is confident that he will find the cat.

One way that you can properly use "finding" is when you are in the process of doing something (so the present progressive is correct) and you discover something on a repeated basis.

I'm reviewing your report and I'm finding a lot of typographical errors.
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Thank you, everyone!
One more question about this topic. Are look for and search for interchangable? Thanks!
Very, very similar. Search sounds more organized. When you look for something in an organized or planned manner, you're searching.
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