Hello everyone!

Look for friends who interested in Chinese culture like Tai Chi,Taoism,The power of way,I-changing,The eight diagrams,martial art,Beijing opera,Zen and so on.I eager to have a deep-seated discussion with anyone and share our different opinion.my contact details r Email Removed">Email Removed and [email protected] .i look forward hear from u soon and i hope we can become good friends too!!!Take care!
China looks great. I'm very into communist countries, their history and lifestyle. I'm not a communist myself, but I sure love to know more about it.

That would be great to be in touch with you. I will write you.
Hello Lulla!

thanks for ur reply!i`m very pleased to be your friend.if u do interested in Chinese culture i`d like try my best to help u!frankly, as i think of it China is a large,beautiful country not coz it is communist country.in the contrary,its mistcism and attraction just rooted in its unique cultural system and the lifestyle of Chinese people(especially the frugal and autarkic lifestyle of our primogenitor)and i often consider the essence of Chinese culture just originated the feudalistic society system.as the ancient chinese people thought the most important thing for them were reading and cultivating,and almost of them contented with a little.

firstly,i wanna talk with u sth.about the traditional culture in the ancient China.although i dedicated myself in it for many years,there still have not a big harvest till now.and my poor english isn`t enough to express my feelings at all.especially the ancient Chinese masterpieces they are really very concise and recondite.the authors always used less words to convey a great deal of thought.so it confused people a lot .for the new generations,they themselves even if hardly to understand their own great tradition and the splendid ancient civilization.

As we know,China is one of the four great civilization ancient countries,it have more than 5 thousand years civilization. Chinese traditional culture is really brilliant and meaningful.

there have different beliefs in China,for example,Confucianism,Taoism,Buddhism,Muslim,Christianism,Zen and so on.Confucianism is the state-religion of ancient China,it advocated Humanity,righteousness,Etiquette,Faith,Filial piety etc.

Taoism was founded by Laozi at 6~5 centrury B.C.his great works The power of way is really profound and it full of wisedom.he considered everything had its own advantages and disadvantages,and they r switched frequetly.he thought nature is the highest theorem,as the famous apothegms said in his book:human always imitated the earth,the earth always imitated the heaven(god),and the heven always imitated the way,and the way must followed the nature.

Zen is the native Buddism form although it originated from indian Buddhism.there have difference between them.Buddism call for people shoudn`t care the life quality of this life because the would had a more brilliant life in the eternity.But Zen encouraged people to enjoy themself everyday.and people who believed it can approched the best fettle though meditation.

well,maybe I talk too much today.and maybe there have a lots of mistake here.i`d like to accept ur criticism and help.

perhaps i`d like to discuss sth.about the eight diagrams,I--changing,Taiji or martial art with u next time.

keep correspond frequently plz!!! i look forward hear from u soon.

Take care!and best wishes for u!!!

Yours sincerely friend Leo
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G'day Leo,
I am assuming that you are a Han Chinese, it that right? Do the Han Chinese make up 95 or 92% of the people in China? The remaining 5 - 8% are minority people groups. Although this sounds like a small amount of people, the poplulation of China is so big that the number of people in these minority people groups are still in the millions and larger than some countries.
So I was wondering, when you talk about Chinese history and culture are you talking of China as a whole, or the history of the Han Chinese? Do you think of the Uygur people for example as Chinese?
Thankyou for what you wrote by the way, China certainly has a unique and fascinating history.
Hello Robyn Terri!

Nice to meet you here and thanks for your reply!

As you guessed, I am myself of Han nationality. The origins of Han nationality can be traced in history to around 5000-6000 years ago.

It originated with the ancient ancestor---Huangdi.

He’s also known as Huaxia, Qinren and Tangren.

Since Liubang founded his own regime named ‘the Han dynasty’ at the end of the 3rd century (around 202 B.C.E) it was called the Han nationality.

There are more than one billion people of Han nationality in the world today; the majority of them live in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. A large number also live in Singapore, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Han people make up about 92% of the total Chinese population, so it is not only the largest ethnic group in China, but also in the world.

There are 56 ethnic nationalities in China include Han-people.

Chuang is the second largest after Han with around 15.4 million people. Each of the minorities have their own lifestyles, with different customs. Examples of the other ethnic groups are Tibetan and Mongolian; many of these have their own language.

The Chinese language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan system.

Every Chinese character is formed from different strokes, and is based around a square shape.

Uygur has 2 thousand years history. In their own language, Uygur has the meaning of “united” or “cooperation”. They have about 8.4 million people in total who mainly live in the oasis’s around the Tianshan mountain in Xinjiang municipality. A small number of them live in Taoyuan county and Tsangde city in the Hunan province.

Most of the Uygur people that live in Xinjiang are herdsmen; but some also farm vegetables, make handcrafts, and do modern-day business.

The Uygur’s traditional diet consists of Nang, Shouzhuafan, Latiaozi and roast Mutton. A popular drink is milk mixed with brick-tea.

Fruits such as honeydew Mellon of Hami, pear of Kuerle and grape of Tulufan are very famous in China. They are very sweet, tasty and juicy, mainly because they all receive plenteous sunshine and take a long time to grow compared with other fruits planted in China.

Uygur have their own traditional musical instrument, such as the Refuwa and Dongbula. These are very unique, and many Uygur people can play them well, so most also tend to be good at dancing and singing. They always wear colourful attire to celebrate their traditional festival on the pasture every year.

Uygur people on the whole, are very industrious, warmhearted and generous. They keep open doors to anyone who visits them, even if it’s a stranger.

I went to Yili 10 years ago and while there, I visited a Uygur family. They entertained me as a valued guest. I can still recall the details of how they prepared the food, and milk tea for me; even now.

Uygur men like to put on their Guapimao (a kind of hat with embroidery) and the women like scarfs.

Xinjiang is the largest province of China and the scenery there is very beautiful too. There is a lake on the top of the Tianshan Mountain, green grass, colorful flowers, forests, herd sheep etc. the great view will make you very excited. You can also borrow a horse from the herdsmen and gallop in the far-flung prairie. It’s really cool!

You are welcomed to go there and have a look anytime!

Best regards!

Yours sincerely Leo
Thankyou for all that great information Leo, I hope you do not mind, but I have copied it for future reference and use.
I visited Xinjiang last year and loved it so much I want to go back there in the future to teach English.
I visited Urumqi, Hotan, Yarkant and Kashi as well as other small places.
It is certainly a very different culture to the rest of China, it is like visiting a different country isn't it?
I was also in China in 1989, when I visited Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.
This time I was amazed by the incredible progress your country has made in such a short time.
I would not have believed it was possible if I had not seen it for myself.

What impact does such fast paced progress have on the society?
Do the people find it hard to cope with? How do the older people cope, they have seen such enormous change?
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Hi Kingleo,
My name is Philip Beer. I am 52 years old. I am very interested in Chinese culture and history. Though I must admit that I know very little. I am much more familiar with western civilzation and religious thought. Still I am not entirely ignorant of your land and culture. I have a deep interest in your Taoism and Buddhism. I would love to discuss this with you if you have the time. I have read the "Tao Te Ching" the "Chuang Tsu" the "Dhammapada" and a number of books on Zen. Currently I am reading a book entitled "Cave of Tigers" which is dialog between a Zen master and his students. Some of my other interests are Native American religion, culture, and history, Chistianity, Greek mythology, Egyptian Religion and the Amerian Civil War and much more. I have read the Bhagavad Gita of India and many of the Upanishads. I have read about and studied the life of Buddha and recently I just finished reading the Egyptian Pert em Heru (the book of eminations of light) or what we in the west wrongly have named the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I have read the Tibetan Bardo Thotrol (Tibetan Book of the Dead). Currently I am reading about the abolition movement that lead up to the American Civil War. The Book is called "All On Fire: the story of William LLoyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery"by Henry Mayer. William LLoyd Garrison was one of the greatest men to ever have lived in any nation.His thoughts and ideas inspired Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. His firey oration and his newspaper "The Liberator" shook my nation to its foundation with the awakening of moral consciousness and the need to end human slavery. If you are interested in the American Civil War I can tell you much. I can tell you the truth about what happened and how it came about free of the lies of the southern apologist and racists who would try to tell you that it was not a war about slavery at all. They are liers and racists. I would like to share with you the religion of the Black American Christian Church and their wonderful music. (I am a whiteAmerican) I hope I have not made you think that I am a stuffy intelectual. I do not wish to impress you or anyone else. I only wish to open up doors of discussion and cultural exchange. If I understand Buddhism correctly it seem to me to teach that the soul of man is bound or tied to the cycle of rebirth in this world until it eventually awakens the Buddha consciousness and is liberated. Is this true? I think I would like to achieve this liberation in this lifetime as I am tired of tasting of the things of this world. I would like the living water that Jesus spoke of. He said that if one drinks of this living water one will never again thirst. He also said that in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven one must be born again. What do the Taoist say about reincarnation? Below is an ancient story of China that I shared with some friends on the internet. Have you ever read this story? It seems to be Taoist in origin. I hope I did not do to badly in telling it from my memory.
Phillip Beer

(edited) (please write)

I liked this little story. Carl I think exhibited a good Christian light in

his manly, brave, and yet companionate way of meeting his adversary’s challenge.

He didn’t realize by being the man he was that he was the teacher of this young

man. It reminds me somehow of the story of the handsome young Chinese man long

ago who came to this city with much money. He drank and gambled and chased women.

The parents of the city locked away their daughters so that he would not get the

chance to corrupt them. One night as he left the gambling hall and walked alone

in the darkness three young gang members jumped him and though he put up a terrific

fight they prevailed upon him and left him lying dead in the street. One took his

wallet, one his beautiful inlaid belt, and one his handsome coat and hat. They grabbed

their horses and ran far off into the mountains made a camp and waited for things

to cool down. That night as they slept the one young man had a terrible foreboding

dream in which the ground shook and a loud stern voice said how dare you take my

wallet and money over and over getting louder as it drew nearer. He awoke with a

shivering start only to find his two friends had also had dreams with the same voice

demanding they return the coat , hat, and inlaid belt. They were terrified not

knowing what to do as they had slain the original owner. Surely it was the vengeful

spirit of the young man they had killed. One screamed out that they should grab

their horses and run far away. The other started to weep. The third young man said,

"You fools! You can not run away from this and crying will do you no good. It will

follow us wherever we go. There is an old hermit monk who lives alone many days

ride into the mountains from here. I have heard he is very wise. If anyone know

what we can do it would be him. I think we should journey to his far mountain and

plead our case before him. Perhaps he will have mercy upon us and help us." His

friends agreed and without delay they rode off into the mountains. Each night the

dream would return more vivid and scary than before until they were afraid to go

to sleep. One day the wind began to howl and the rain came and pored upon them.

They were miserable but their fear was greater so they drugged on. After many hard

days of travel they arrived high up in the mountains at the priest’s simple stone

house. Very wearily they approached the opened door. As they came in he was sitting

there cross-legged before the fire almost as if he had expected them. They pleaded

their case before him and ask if he would help them. He told them to go down into

the valley and chop wood and bring it up and stack it beside his house. They set

about the task and the old priest worked them hard from sun up to sun down. It seemed

if any one of them would even sit down to rest for even just one moment the old

hermit would at that moment appear out of the woods yelling at them to get to work.

The three young men would mutter under their breath and threaten to run away but

none of them wanted to chance the consequences of leaving. At least here working

for the hermit the wretched dreams had stopped and with the hard work they had fallen

each night into a deep sleep. As the summer came on the old hermit put them to work

in the gardens and building a large edition hall onto his house. They waited upon

him hand and foot. He would bring back fish from the mountain stream and they would

smoke and preserve the meat for winter. As the fall arrived the old hermit made

them work ever harder at finishing the big addition on the house. He said that he

wanted it done as he was expecting three priests to come to visit him sometime in

the spring to consult him on his knowledge and the great hall must be ready for

them. They worked hard and grumbled and said to themselves " What great knowledge?

This old man is nothing but a slave driver." None of them however, would chance

to leave the mountain prison. Always he would be there watching them labor never

letting them rest except for short periods to eat. The cold winter came and he put

them to work going out to tend the animals and bring in firewood. And the old man

made them clean the house and the new addition. They would say to themselves why

does he make us continually clean when the house dose not need it but they always

would obey him without question, at least not to his face. There was something about

the old hermit that did not allow them to question him. Perhaps it was just the

look in his eyes. They cooked for him under his excellent instruction and as the

food was so good it almost made the hard garden work and smoking of the fish worthwhile.

As the winter winds and blizzards blew outside the warmth of the fire made them

aware of how thankful they had been that they had worked hard splitting wood and

had plenty to get them through the hash mountain winter. Being confined to the cabin

and its immediate surroundings with nothing to do they began to become absorbed

in their work until they hardly noticed the old man yelling at them anymore. They

would go about their work and the old man would go about his in an almost state

of harmony. As the spring approached and the birds began to return and sing their

songs the young men after being pinned up all winter found themselves eager to get

out and plant their garden and go to the woods and get started chopping the wood.

One spring day the young men were returning for lunch and as they gleefully prepared

the food one of them asked the old man when the three priests would arrive? The

old man walk away from them across the room and opening the chest in the corner

took out the belt and put it on. Then putting on the coat and hat he turned and

face them. Their mouth dropped open as they stared into the face of the young gambler.

He told them he had heard of three young reckless men in the valley that he knew

would make perfect apprentices and so the past year he had set off to ensnare them

and bring them back to teach them to be priests.

I hope you enjoyed this old Chinese tail. I liked it and thought maybe you would

also. When I was a young drug taking 16 year old up in Flint Michigan I remember

one night we ran into a large group of Masons just getting out of the Masonic Lodge

downtown. They where all well to do rich men. Many Cadillac’s and Lincolns were

parked there. I sincerely asked a group of them what one had to do to be a Mason?

And I still remember one old man sincerely answer me and say "You have to prove

that you are a man." I always remembered that. Strange how even a chance meeting

and a well thought out word can have an influence on a young person.

Hi Lulla,

How are you ?

I'm interested in that chinese culture a little...Emotion: stick out tongue

It is a nice language!!!

So do you want me to teach you English?

I came first in English from my class.

So if u want I can help you.