What you want to stay away from is the ones you just give up, " Johnson said. " I can handle it if someone makes a great play and puts their hat on the ball to cause a fumble. What I can't handle is someone running by and slapping at it and it comes out, or looking it into your hands to catch it. " In its first two games, Virginia Tech has forced six fumbles, recovering three of them. On the other hand, Georgia Tech has not thrown an interception in 28 attempts, 25 of them by quarterback Josh Nesbitt.

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What should the underlined part mean?

"to look it into your hands to catch it"?

Very easy words, but....

I think the idea is that when trying to catch the ball, the player might take his eye off it and look instead into his hands, where he plans to catch it...but therefore he misses the catch.
Thanks, Mister Micawber...