I'm looking for words that have no translation into other languages, ie... until recently no word in Japanese that meant "Sexual Harrasment", no word in Afrikaan that means "process" No word in Hebrew that means "to settle" And also, is there a simple word in English to describe this?

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I'm not sure if there's one specific word for that, I would merely say "Not directly translatable"
just a picky point, sunbird: i.e. (id est) is used to paraphrase. you should use e.g. (exemplum gratia) to list examples of an aforementioned idea. more to the point, however, i am also fascinated by "missing" words in a language... in french and in turkish (and undoubtedly other languages as well) there is a word to express an indeterminate ordinal number. we have in english first, second, etc... and the best we have is the "nth" to speak of an unknown. (i jokingly suggested the word "howmany-eth" once.) "nth" just seems so scientific, does it not? as for a name for this phenomenon, i'm open to suggestions...
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English doesn't have a word to describe the opposite of being "homesick"; you can just paraphrase it by saying "to long for being away", "having itchy feet" or something like this.

In German e.g., the opposite of "Heimweh" (homesick) is "Fernweh" (lit: awaysick).
What about taking "awaysick" into the English language?? Emotion: wink))
When my kids began speaking Spanish, they constantly confused it with English, and they came up with the word DISCONCENTRATE. "Mum, he's disconcentrating me!" The spanish word is desconcentrar which their friends used a lot when someone distracted them in class. It makes perfect sense to me, but couldn't let them keep it in their vocabulary.

Another funny one was 'bothering' in English - He's bothering me, translated in their spanglish to 'He's molesting me' - which of course has a completely different meaning. Emotion: smile
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I have seen "molest" in America used with the same meaning as bother. The best one I have heard is constipated. " I am afraid I can't go out with you tonight, I feel terrible I am constipated". (meaning I have a cold)
constipated = erm.. well, it doesn't mean you have a cold!

constipated = adj : have difficult or incomplete or infrequent evacuation of the bowels !
hahahaha. It's sounds better coming from you, Hitch.
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