Isn't this nice?--

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The bird is an Azure-winged Magpie, a characteristic species of central Japan.
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That's really sweet! Well done Anne!
Thanks! I'm really glad you like it, Mike. Does the Missus like it too?
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It is beautiful Anne, good work.
Wow, that's great!
You have deft hands Pieanne.
Thank you all!

I almost lost my right hand 4 years ago, after my cat scratched me. I had gangrene (?) up to the elbow, I could have made a fortune in gore ads (silly me, I didn't think of it!)
Two weeks in hospital, and a large graft on the top of my hand. Fortunately, I can use it normally now, though the surgeon doesn't know by what miracle.

Sorry to tell that, but it does me good to talk about it!

If you have a cat, and if you have roses, make sure you have 60% alcohol at home, it's the only effective way to disinfect the scratches.
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And thanks for adding one more reason to my arsenal for 'Why Not to have a Pet'.
Oh Gosh, what a story!
Anyway, it's so good that you didn't lose your hand, and you can use it to create such a beautiful work!
It was not the cat's fault, you know... Just one bad luck in a billion. He's still with us, but I must say I never carry him. I was given another one, and she's enough to reconcile anybody with the "pet" concept.
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