I looking for good examples of Letter of Motivation/Cover Letter
for position chief executive, director purcharsing manager president chairman and Supervisory Board Chair

I will be very grateful for any help
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You need to try to write something yourself. Then post it here, and we will help you with comments. Emotion: smile

Start by thinking about what you would say face to face in an interview, if someone said 'Please tell me about your motivation'.

Best wishes, Clive

I writing master's thesis from psychology about people who looking for job like manager and I need some examples of them motivation letters
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Iam kindly requesting for an example of motivation letter as community development officer.

hope to here from you soon.

king regards

Hello Kelly,

We don't write letters here. Please read though the forums and perhaps you'll find that someone has already written a letter that you can adapt for your needs. Post your own letter here, and people can provide commnents on how to improve it.
I've got to write a narrative for the PA program at the university of New Mexico. It requires 500 word narrative asking what motivates me to this program.

Could you help out?

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Hi Paul,

We can help you after you write the first draft of your 500-word narrative. We have no idea what motivates you to pursue this program. Only you know that.
I am looking for examples of a motivation letter for high ranking job.
Thank you

I'm writing this letter to show my desire to apply for a good opportunity to work in U.A.E for me and for my fiancé.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sameh Benzarti , I’m Salima’s Sister and I am from .

I have a master law; I’m working in telecommunication society as a chief clerk in a Logistic Department since 1999.

I will be in U.A.E for ten days (From 21 to 31 January) and would like to meet you at that time if you are available.
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