I am having trouble thinking of an adjective that can be used in a similar context to 'receptive', but with opposite meaning. Can anyone help me fill in the blanks below with an appropriate adjective?


Receptive: having the quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting.

______: having the quality of releasing, recouping, or surrendering.

Example of usage;

My bank account can accept deposits, therefore it is receptive of funds. My bank account also allows me to make withdrawals, therefore it is ____ of funds.

Any suggestions appreciated!


Your use of 'receptive' does not seem very natural to me, but perhaps it is some rather specialized banking term.

In most cases, the opposite of 'receptive' would be 'unreceptive'.
Perhaps in your context you might consider eg 'disbursive'.

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I agree that my use of the word receptive does not sound very natural. However, my intended application is of a technical nature, so it doesn't need to be eloquent.

Disbursive is an excellent suggestion. Exactly what I'm after - thanks!