I’m looking for some advice on English Teaching. I have recently moved to Spain and find myself teaching English. I have a number of years teaching experience (Sports and Computing) but need to improve on some specific points. As well as moving, I have completed a TEFL Diploma, that to be honest was almost a waste of time and money. It’s over 20 years since I left school and I need to improve my grammar. Onto the specific questions.

1. Are there any grammar books you would recommend for native English speakers who wish to brush up on their skills? I have the Grammar In Use books but feel I need something more structured. I have six weeks until the new term starts and I have to improve.
2. I really enjoy teaching English and would like to study English in greater detail. Do you know of any good online degree courses? Do I need to study English Language or Linguistics?
3. Finally, I would like to find a books or courses that cover the practical aspects of teaching English to non-native speakers. Things like pronunciation techniques, when to introduce certain topics or structures etc.

Thank You
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Some books that I recommend:

A Practical English Grammar - A.J. Thomson and A.V. Martinet (lots of grammar)

Practical English Usage - Michael Swan
(great help for those unusual/common questions that sometimes get asked)

How to teach English - Jeremy Harmer (teaching English as a foreign language)

As for online courses...I can't help you out there.
Thanks for replying. I already had the Swan book and have just orderd the other two. Thanks again
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In so far as anything in English is agreed upon, which isn't very far, there seems to be some concensus that THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE By William Strunk and E.B. White is the premier text. It is very short, 85 pages not counting the index and can be found on Amazon.com for less than $3.00.oo. Probably because it has been required reading in so many High School and College courses.

On the down side, it is not for a beginner of languages, you will need to know nouns gerunds, parentetical phrases etc. Of course, as a student of any language, this you would know. That given, It will answer most questions on who what when where and why.

Hope this helps.

Meanwhile, I am also looking for books to aid adult learners of English and any help I can get on improving my pathetic to laughable Spanish.
Hi Hombre Viejo,
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Hi there!

I too teach in Spain. I don't know where you are but if you check out the nearest British Council library you'll find all you could need. I would study an MA Tefl over an Applied Linguistics course-far more applicable to the classroom.

Scott Thornbury's book Teach Grammar, Longman pub. is great for teachers. And don't be without a copy of Swan and Walter's How English Works, Oxfrod Univ. Press.

All the best
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Strunk and White is great: interesting, funny, short... but not very comprehensive. I think it's more useful as a guide to learning how to write well than as a grammar book.
Fowler is really good if you're pedantic and want some finicky little questions answered very thoroughly and at length. Or at any rate, my reprinted first-edition Fowler is good for that; the subsequent editions seem to have most of the life sucked out of them.
Why not try Penny Ur? His book on methodology is great and an easy read and his five minute activities might come in handy when you find yourself with extra time before the bell rings. A golden oldie might be Gerry Abbott's "The Teaching of English as an International Language". I still turn to it now and then. Then there's Donald Byrne's "Teaching Oral English"
perhaps a little bit old now but quite comprehensive.
My mother tongue is Spanish,but if you should like to contact me you can e-mail me at Email Removed
I teach EFL in a school of tourism and hotel management in Villa Clara, Cuba and got my teaching degree at the local Pedagogical University where I now collaborate as a teacher trainer. My name's Leonar.
I'm an Engilsh speaker from Angola and want to start teaching, but I think my enlish is not strong enough to be a teacher. Could you peasde provide me a free course by e-mail?

I would appreciate it if you can help me in this regard


Andre T. Domingos
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