I'm a teacher of English in Poland (I'm a Pole). I have a BA degree in English teaching from a Polish university and 3 years of experience teaching English to Polish teenagers and young adults. Next year around June I will have two MA degrees from another Polish university and University of Lancaster in Britain in Computer Based English Studies and I'll have done a CELTA course by then. I wish to find a job abroad as I get pathetic salaries for full-time teaching in Poland. Where should I look for a job abroad? Kamil
If you are willing to work quite a few hours then look into Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China. The wages there are extremely high but so is the workload when compared to schools else where in Asia.
Singapore is always looking for teachers who can teach any O Level subject.

Many of the reputible websites will have job listings, but remember to research any school thoroughly before going out there!

The tefl website is: http://www.tefl.net

Happy hunting!