Hello, I am a representative of a language school in Ukraine. We are looking for English language NATIVE speakers teachers to teach English through skype or our web site video chat room. We will pay $14 an hour. Would like to find certified, experienced (from 1 year) teachers for a long term cooperation.

If you are the one we are looking for let me know.

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How can I contact you?
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I saw you are currently looking for online teachers, would you be interested in reaching hundreds of qualified online teachers through one post?

As an introduction, I previously ran an online English school and experienced the challenges of recruiting online English teachers. You may perhaps be facing similar pain points, as does others in our industry. I am reaching out to you because I am building a solution that makes the process better. Very briefly, my co-founder and I began identifying and screening teachers early this year. We now have a few hundred teachers in our network, with profiles designed for people who need online English teachers. Basically, you can reach and attract pre-qualified teachers who suit your requirements.

You can submit your job description at (Deleted. Please give contact information in your profile. Moderator). We look forward to helping you simplify your recruiting process!



I am a 40-year-old Canadian professor. I have taught grammar at the university, and I have been teaching English online to Russian students for about two years. I speak some Russian, and I have traveled and lived in Belarus and Ukraine. I just spent three months in Kyiv. I am looking for long-term cooperation. Rich Hitchens Email Removed
I'm an experienced on line tutor looking to work from home. Details please.
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I am an English teacher with years of experience.

Please contact me.


Hi have 6 years experience in EFL also via internet. What kind of connectivity do you require. South Africa has limited fiber options for internet - let me know




My name is Rich, and I am a 42-year-old former Canadian humanities professor. I have been teaching English to Russian-speakers for many years, and I have been teaching English for even longer. I am TESL Canada certified, and I speak some Russian, which is helpful when working with lower-level students. I have worked with all types of students, including businesspeople in Russia and young children.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Warmest personal regards,

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