I'm jenny,I need your help? how can I register an English school here at dumaguete city?I really need learn and study school in English only?
what school English u recommend?
thank you
God bless all
Hi Jenny
While you are looking for an appropriate English school in Dumaguete City, you may find the online course that I offer helpful. Have a look at my profile and then click on the website to see if what we have suits you.
When you are looking for a school, I suggest that you find one that suits your needs, and that has a teacher who can help you succeed.
I have put together a number of videos that can help you make these decisions;
1. How to choose the right English course https://youtu.be/1a0RwKempGE

2. How to choose the right English teacher https://youtu.be/ZHgygY94aww

I have also written more extensively on these topics on by blog. Again you can find these at my website.
Best wishes
Dr Norman