I am not sure if I am posting that in right section and if I am allowed. If not delete that post please.

Anyway I am looking for English teacher who would teach me English via Skype tool. I need to improve my pronunciation, also we would check sometimes my business e-mails if they are wrote OK and to learn from my own mistakes, depend of my weak points we would also learn some extra grammar. For more details including payment we can discuss via PM.

Please send me a private message.


My name is Marianna and I am a Cambridge Oral Examiner.

I would love to be your teacher, so please check my professional website

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and let me know!

Hello Ernest!

I am a native Engllish speaker from California, USA and Teacher of English with 13 years of experience. I teach Skype lessons for reasonable prices. I teach

- General English
- Conversational English (vocab, pronunciation, intonation, fluency)
- Business Engllish
- Legal Engllish
- Preparation for international Certificates (FCE,CAE,TOEFL,IELTS,BEC etc)

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to try.


Skype: edointernational
email: Email Removed
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How do I contact you?
Hi Ernest

I know that other people have written to you, but I hope you will consider me. I have been an English Teacher for 6 years and have a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). I teach English via Skype.

I have worked with a students wanting to improve their grammar, pronunciation and business e-mails. I have lots of materials on these areas both from books and materials I have written myself. I help students learn from their mistakes through feedback and activity sheets. i can send you a copy of the work I have done with other students.

I will design a lesson based on your needs. My lessons are interesting and affordable. i offer a free fifteen to thrity minute trial lesson. Please see my profile for contact details. I would love to hear from you.

Best Wishes

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Hello Ernest,

I offer online English classes via Skype, and put the focus on speaking, pronunciation, increasing vocabulary and getting rid of the typical 'silly mistakes' ESL students make.

If you are interested in a free class to see how it is, please see my profile / my website: (link removed by moderator; please leave it in your profile)

Hope to speak soon!