I writing master's thesis from psychology about people who looking for job like manager and I need some examples of them motivation letters
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Kilargo, welcome to the forums.

Why don't you read through some of the motivation letters people have posted here? There are scores, if not hundreds.
I would like to know, how to write a motivation letter...i will appresiate it if you replay me a message!!!
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Read through some of the samples in this section of the forums.
i'm in trouble my boss asked me to make motivation letter & i can't write it & i don't know how so
can you help me?
..do you have any link pls?..thx
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Anonymous..do you have any link pls?..thx

You could start from the search page ... here .
please send me samples of "motivation letter" to apply for a senior management level position in an international university.

My email id is <removed by mod. Please register and include it in your profile.>

Dear Sir/Madam,
am looking for a motivation letter for master thesis in disaster management.

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