This is a forum in which people ask questions, and other people answer them. It's a VERY GOOD forum for that purpose. No probs.

However, I am LOOKING for an English Grammar forum which exists, not to pose and answer questions, but just to chat about the English language; somewhere where people who are ALREADY knowledgeable can discuss fuzzy points and grey areas (where the experts disagree).

Anyone know of anywhere?

this forum sometimes works like that anyway, just post your question / issue for debate and see what happens. I'd like to be a bit more discursive sometimes.

also: you might like this site, which doesnt allow the plebs to join inthe debate, but will give you access to a lot of linguistic experts. They generally tend to be a bit sniffy about anything that smacks of prescriptive grammar, tho!
http://linguistlist.org/ask-ling /
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Rommie, start it! do it! It will catch on here (we have around 3,000 people a day on the site - I'm sure you'll find some 'blood')
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