Hi. I am looking for a name of a game.
In this game which can involve two or more people, one of the people hides something in his hand, and the others should tell in which hand he has hidden the thingy. And if any one could guesss the right hand, he will get the thingy and he should do the same thing.
Let me know if it is not clear enough.
Thank you
That's interesting that nobody made any reply.
Doesn't English language have any word for this game?
Thank you
hrsaneiDoesn't English language have any word for this game?
I have played such games when I was small. But, sorry, no specific name for this English. I have googled, thought hard, but, I could not find a name for this.

What about: 'Guess which hand'.

( http://www.turdhead.com/guess-which-hand/ )

I have also used this technique for a toss:
When we didn't have coins for a toss, one of us used to hide a stone in one of their hands. The two captains should make their choice, one who gets the correct hand, wins the toss.
But, yes, this has nothing to do with your game.

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Thank you very much Prajwal for your response.
I guess, guess which hands is a good name for the game.
As you said, I asked my American friend about it, and they said they have no name for it.
But when I was in my own country, my English teacher had told us the name, but I just cannot remember it. Maybe he was wrong about it. I don't know,
Thank you again for your time
I found handy dandy which is defined as http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Handy-dandy , but when I ask my American friends, none of them have used this phrase for the name of such game, they say handy dandy mean the same as handy to them.
Let me know if you have ever used this phrase.
Thank you
hrsaneihandy dandy
I've never heard this at all. Not as the name of a game, nor in any other context.

Also, I've never heard any word or combination of words that would be considered the name of the game you described.

Lastly, I didn't even know it was a game!

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I have never heard nor used such a phrase ever before. You have said it first!! Another thought that just occurred to me is that this phrase is somewhat like a native Indian slang. Congrats on finding the best phrase. And thanks for posting the same here:-)